Publicity flyers for “Please Don’t Hurt Me”

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This week I received copies of the publicity flyer for the book mentioned in my previous blog. I post the image here for your interest:

Publicity flyer for Angela Bailey's "Please Don't Hurt Me"

Publicity flyer for Angela Bailey's "Please Don't Hurt Me"

For those having difficulty reading it, here’s what it says:

Please Don’t Hurt Me

Angela was a sensitive, intelligent young girl, but after her mother died in a car crash she was brutally betrayed by her father and stepmother. From the age of seven Angela suffered horrific violence at the hands of those who should have been protecting her. Then Angela’s innocence was stolen by a family friend. It was a living hell, and this was just the beginning…

Confused, ashamed and utterly alone, Angela’s mind began to fall apart. The little girl who had lost her mother quickly sank into a terrible cycle of bulimia, anorexia and self-harm. Eventually, she would decide to attempt suicide.

The escape of school ended when Angela was brutally raped and threatened by a teacher. Alone and confused, she was taken into a care home. But another man was waiting to abuse her there…

Haunted by the trauma of her past, it wasn’t until Angela thought of killing her own child that she sought professional help and began the lengthy healing process. The history repeated itself – Angela’s past rushed back to haunt her when she was assaulted by a colleague.

ANGELA’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY is acutely observed and truly heart-rending. Horrific, yes, but also an enthralling testimony to the power of love, friendship and the will to survive.

Important elements of the book not mentioned above are:

*the moving chapter by Angela’s consultant psychiatrist on the importance of the parent-child bond and the damage caused when it goes wrong;

*the fact that Angela is a paramedic (her training experiences, both good and bad, and her present-day medical perspective on events add considerably to the interest of the story);

*the miscarriages she suffered, probably as a result of the repeated sexual abuse she experienced as a child, and her ultimately successful battle to have children;

*the fact that she lost her cousin to hereditary spherocytosis, a genetic disorder that nearly killed both her sister and herself;

*the list of resources at the back of the book to help those affected by the issues the book raises.

Speaking of resources, Angela recommends SurvivorScotland for all those in the UK (not just Scotland) seeking help with regard to sexual assault, and Beat for those seeking help with eating disorders.

Best wishes


BioWrite website

BioWrite website

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