Acquaintances of various/varying degrees of closeness

The other day I sent an email using the heading “Overdue update for relatives, friends and acquaintances of varying degrees of closeness”. I received a witty response from a friend subtly pointing out that I should have said “various degrees of closeness”. My first reaction was that he was right, but then I got thinking…

In fact, one’s closeness to people does vary. Many acquaintances are slight, which means that if one should meet them a few times more then one’s relationship is, in fact, likely to change. Similarly, while we like to think our friends remain our friends, it is possible to have bust-ups and reconciliations.

“Reconciliation” is a lovely word, and it’s also a fiddle tune, which you can hear from 2’03” of this YouTube video. Listen to it and think of someone with whom you ought to be reconciled. Life’s too short!

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BioWrite website

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