Angela Bayley’s blog

NB Disruptive was updated and republished as Please Believe Me in February 2013!
I am pleased to announce that Angela Bayley, the author of Disruptive which I published last year, now has a blog where she will be posting regular updates:

About biowrite

I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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4 Responses to Angela Bayley’s blog

  1. sandra says:

    I’ll be reading hers too…you did such a fantastic job on Lilou’s book…loved it and I think the method you used with Lilou is the prototype for the modern day bio/self help books of the future.

    • biowrite says:

      Thanks very much, Sandra! Just read this now. I hope you find Angela’s book a gripping read. It’s very different from Lilou’s!

  2. Laura says:

    Being a foster mum is not an easy task. You foster in view of helping a child know some form of “normal family life”. You take them into your home and family, and hope to give them a good solid stepping stone onto independent living. You and the family share good times and emotional times with the child, sometimes difficult, as in any family you expect quarrels and differences.However what a foster mum never expects is that the foster father will abuse his position, and abuse the foster child. But as Angela says in her book peodophiles are clever, they hide there sick other life from everyone, instead show to be upstanding, loyal and good company to be in. I know i am that foster mum, who has to live with the fact , that I was conned into believing I was married to someone who would make a good foster dad. I totally support Angela in her honest account of her time with us, and hope that in writing the words down she can leave that time of her life on the pages of the book , close it put it away and get on with living, a life she deserves with out the torment of the past. She is now a wonderful mature mum, who iIam very proud of . She has a wonderful husband two very beautiful daughters, the only thing i could wish for her is peace of mind. Be proud of the book Angela , but close it and start a happy chapter oin your life.

  3. biowrite says:

    Thanks for this wonderful posting, Laura! You might want to re-post it on Angela’s blog, though, instead of mine? Just copy it from above and then paste it below one of her postings on that site. (Click on the “Comments” bit below a posting and then look for “Leave a Reply”.)

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