First poetry in years

Dry mud

Your smile is like rain on parched soil...

Yesterday I wrote some poetry for the first time in years.

Beyond comparison

This verse is shorn
of metaphor
and simile.
Will you smile?

By contrast, this verse
has metaphor,
but not simile.
Is a smile born?

Dissimilar, this verse
has simile
but not metaphor.
Your smile is like rain on parched soil.

Excessive, this verse
has metaphor and simile.
Your smile is like rain
on the parched soil of my heart,
but you…
are beyond comparison.

Aphorism advice

Spelling, punctuation and syntax
are all very well.
But your bon mot quipment
is incomplete
without epigrammar.

Tuning in

An old wireless set

I turned the radio off...

I turned the radio off,
and listened to my thoughts,
discarding those I didn’t like,
distilling poetry.
I clasped the barrel of my pen,
in high spirits.

About biowrite

I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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