Census workers censured

Torture at Abu Ghraib.

CACI are implicated in the horrific abuses at Abu Ghraib. European procurement law made it very difficult to avoid giving them the contract for the Scottish Census 2011, but I refused to allow CACI to process my form. I have been corresponding with the Registrar General on this topic.

In response to my last letter to the Registrar General regarding the use of CACI to run the Scottish census, I have just received this:

Dear Eric


Thank you for your further letter of 16 May.  I am grateful for your understanding.

But I am puzzled that the 2 members of my staff who called on you said that CACI (UK) Ltd would not be contracted to complete a further census.  They were in no position to give that undertaking.  Indeed, it is not at the moment certain whether there will be another census, or whether we can acquire the necessary information from other sources, quite apart from the uncertainty about future changes in procurement law which you mentioned!  I am at a loss to know why they told you that, since they were certainly not briefed to do so.  I will make sure they are correctly informed.



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