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Not a question of public sector vs private sector. Support the strike and stop a race to the bottom.

I just sent this message to my Occupy Edinburgh comrades regarding points to make on the 30 November strike: Dear All Sorry I’m not going to make it this evening. Of course the authorities are trying to spin this as … Continue reading

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Guest post: The Salon des Refusés is alive and well and living in Aberdeen

The Salon des Refusés is alive and well and living in Aberdeen [I am delighted that Aberdeen artist, Brian, has contributed this amusing little piece!] Greetings from the Granite City, friends! Here’s what happened when I got the old brushes … Continue reading

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Explaining the joke/irony in a recent blog post

Given the comment I received from a reader on a recent post (about hating the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer-and-you’re-a-lazy-parasite” mentality and my wishing to “line up and re-educate” those who hold such views) I feel I need to be explicit about the intended … Continue reading

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A night with Occupy Edinburgh

With reference to my blog post yesterday, I “slept” in St Andrew’s Square last night. I had difficulty actually sleeping because of yobs shouting this kind of thing as they walked through/past/jumped over the fence, seeking trouble: “Get a job, … Continue reading

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I hate the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer” mentality. It must be eradicated!

Line them up and re-educate them… I hate the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer-and-you’re-a-lazy parasite” mentality. …Hate, loathe, despise, detest! It must be eradicated! Line up and re-educate those who hold such views, I say. “Noble, hard-working taxpayers” What brought this fit of pique … Continue reading

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