I hate the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer” mentality. It must be eradicated!

Line them up and re-educate them…

Kaye Adams hosts Call Kaye on BBC Radio Scotland

Calls to Kaye Adams’ programme on BBC Radio Scotland got me angry and thinking!

I hate the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer-and-you’re-a-lazy parasite” mentality. …Hate, loathe, despise, detest! It must be eradicated! Line up and re-educate those who hold such views, I say.

“Noble, hard-working taxpayers”

What brought this fit of pique on? I switched on my radio this morning and caught the end of a BBC Radio Scotland phone-in discussion on the Occupy Glasgow protesters and whether they should be allowed even to continue their protest in the peripheral location to which they were recently moved.  My blood pressure shot through the roof as I heard several callers dutifully recite the messages fed to them by the right-wing plutocrat-owned media: that the protesters were parasitic, lazy, good-for-nothing scum who should get jobs and not be provided with toilets and camping space by the City Council (and therefore by noble, hard-working taxpayers like themselves).

Occupy Glasgow

Occupy Glasgow has been forced to move, but some even object to them being allowed to camp out at all.

I had, of course, been aware (at least intellectually) of what a mountain of misinformation and ignorance there is to shift for most people’s eyes to be opened.  However, hearing these views expressed so glibly and with such conviction by so many was disheartening and depressing in the extreme.  I have been trying, in my own small way and for many years, to educate people as to what is going on with regard to power, money, wellbeing and the environment. There is so much concrete evidence out there as to the major flaws in our economic system and the huge injustices perpetrated, yet most people seem to remain ignorant of these.   Yet again, therefore, I am offering a few thoughts as to how to get people to waken from their drugged state of Mammon-servitude.

Tactics:  KISS

Given that most people are slaving away to pay off their mortgages, credit cards, etc. and then too tired and/or stressed in their spare time to do more than (addictively) consume what they may not be able to afford in an attempt to fill the aching voids in their souls (did I put this strongly enough?), any attempt to alert them as to what is happening in the world must use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), which I would prefer to explain as “Keep It Simple and Short”).  I also think it’s helpful to make no more than three main points in any one communication.

Three very short eye-openers to share“Can you spare just ten minutes?”

With the above in mind, here is what I suggest we might try in order to get the “hard-working taxpayers” who despise the Occupy protesters to start thinking.  Simply ask them to spend ten minutes watching/reading the following three things.  (Ask if they are open-minded and willing to spend no more than ten minutes considering some evidence.)

  • (1) 3 minutes and 8 seconds only!  Get them to watch this short video (it’s from the Equality Trust website) but I am embedding it below.  It outlines the hugely damaging effects of inequality on society and notes that the UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.

  • (2) 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Get them to watch this revelatory video on how debt is inevitably generated by our banking system.

I recently attended a talk by Ben Dyson of PositiveMoney on the above.  I asked him to confirm that what he was saying was that the present monetary/banking system inevitably generated increasing economic inequality and instability.  He said, “Yes”.


Here it is, summarised:

  1. Inequality is associated with a vast range of societal ills, including crime, addiction and early death.  The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.
  2. A major cause of debt and inequality is our banking system.  Commercial banks issue most of our currency as debt, enriching top bankers at the expense of everyone else.  This system can be changed.
  3. Another major cause of inequality is that there is no free market when it comes to top pay.  These guys scratch each others’ backs and are not subject to so-called “market discipline”.


“Hard-working taxpayers” are effectively slaves for the people at the top.  This is unjust and is causing great misery for many.  That is why the  Occupy movement is protesting.  We are doing it for you.  We are doing it for almost everyone. We are the 99%.  Please check all the above and join us, at least in spirit and by educating others, if not in any other way.

Further information

If you are interested in learning more, consider visiting the following:


loads of information on inequality presented in easy-to-understand graphs and videos

similarly accessible information on the monetary system and banking

search your local group, or start one yourself!

My reviews/summaries

My novel, "Saving the World"

I know it’s cheeky to promote my own work, but here goes! There’s a link to it from this site, and watch the videos about it too.

My own book

OK, it’s cheeky of me to mention this here, but my novel, Saving the World, (a political romantic comedy), attempts to describe global problems and offer a solution.) There are also some fun videos about it.

That’s all, folks!  Please share this information and make your own suggestions as to how to open people’s eyes!


About biowrite

I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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6 Responses to I hate the “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer” mentality. It must be eradicated!

  1. Jen says:

    You don’t like how we see things, we don’t particularly like your POV. That’s life. And as far as “Line up and re-educate those who hold such views, I say.”

    Well, I thought re-education was the original purpose of the Gulags and the Concentration Camps. Perhaps you’ve more in common with the far right than you’d care to consider.

    • biowrite says:

      Jennie, you have missed the joke/irony in what I wrote. (This might make it clearer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came .) All I ask you to do is to check the three points: the two videos and the paragraph on CEO pay which the relevant link will take you to. (It will take ten minutes to view/read these, and then take as much time as you want to check the facts.) The rest was to get your attention. I think you will be surprised and horrified. I would really value your considered opinion anyway. You are part of the 99%.

      …And, by the way. many people on site are also “hard-working taxpayers”.

  2. Andy Garratt says:

    your a funny man Eric i like it

  3. Jen says:

    To be honest, there’s no real way to be “witty” or ironic in that was of thinking. In your opinion, how some of us think is wrong. And you’re okay to think that, but making people see the same thing as you sort of defeats the point, don’t you think?

    I base my opinion of the current economic climate in part on my personal experience as someone who worked in the financial sector as a number of years (one of these much maligned “Bankers” you lot like to rain sh*t all over) and as someone who has, along with her fiancé, been out of work within the last 12 months and taken a household drop in income of over £15,000 in order to GTF off benefits and back into work.

    I have read and listened to the videos, but there is still no way in Hell I would ever consider myself one of “the 99%”. I am not, and you nether represent or speak for me, and I’m getting pretty sick of this arrogance you display. If you were indeed “the 99%” how come so many don’t agree with you?

    Simple fact is, most of us are too busy enjoying our own lives to envy, or get butthurt over the fact that there are rich people.

    I am learning German part time, working full time, planning a return to college in August, doing two afternoons a month at a Podiatrists in prep for this, planing a wedding, and enjoying my life with my fiancé, whom I hope to spend the rest of my life. My monetary outgoings are minimal, our lifestyle far from extravagant, and our long term goal to pay off our debts, travel a little more, and enjoy our life together.

    I simply have neither the time or inclination to navel gaze about how unfair the world is, or how it sucks balls that there are supremely wealthy people out there. I just don’t give a toss, and most of us don’t. Sorry if that pisses you off, but most of us accepted, a long time ago, you now when we grew up, that the World is an unfair place, that bad things happen to good people, and that people who deserve f*ck all get it handed to them on a plate. Camping out in St Andrews Square just makes you look like a bunch of time rich lazy sods and is terrible PR.

    ” I think you will be surprised and horrified.”

    No. I just don’t. care. at all.

    Sorry.I’m happy with my life, I work hard and always have done for what I have. If others can’t be bothered to do the same? not my problem.

    • biowrite says:

      I understand your POV to some extent, but your lack of caring – your attitude that those who are suffering all deserve it – leaves me almost speechless. Do you truly believe that everyone in hardship has brought it on him/herself? Do you deny the truth of this graph? http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/why/evidence/social-mobility If you truly believe that all suffering people are entirely responsible for their own suffering and that our economic system bears no responsibility, then this dialogue can go no further. It appears to me to be utter lack of compassion and comprehension, and total self-centredness, (one of the known effects of inequality, incidentally, so in a bizarre way you make my point).

      Incidentally, do you know how the multinationals operate in the developing world, and how our banking system colludes in the pillage of resources and the destruction of communities?

  4. biowrite says:

    Here’s an excellent article about the St Paul’s wing of our movement: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/oct/30/occupy-london-nursery-mind?INTCMP=SRCH

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