A night with Occupy Edinburgh

With reference to my blog post yesterday, I “slept” in St Andrew’s Square last night. I had difficulty actually sleeping because of yobs shouting this kind of thing as they walked through/past/jumped over the fence, seeking trouble: “Get a job, you f@~*ing lazy scum”. I heard the “love police” (the volunteer security people – lovely guys!) patiently diffusing situations and escorting people off the site.

(No wonder people don’t get up early – it isn’t quiet enough to fall asleep until 4 a.m. or so!)

The “I’m-a-hard-working-taxpayer-and-you’re-a-lazy-parasite” lobby don’t realise we are doing this for them. It’s URGENT that we effectively explain why we are demonstrating, i.e. what is wrong with the world and how it might be fixed. Please consider using the three points I suggested raising with people in my previous blog post. If you haven’t watched the two very short videos yet, or read the short paragraph on CEO pay, then please do so. It will take ten minutes in total, I promise!  This is solid, researched stuff you can ask people to check!

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I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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2 Responses to A night with Occupy Edinburgh

  1. Biden says:

    can ;you explain how people who are occupying private property can escort other people off that property who have as much right as they do to be there ??? Typically hypocritical and elitist of these so called movements. Can the writer tell us how many people total were occupying tents at 4am ? there are 30 or so tents there, I would wager that no more than 5 are occupied. Joke of a movement, even 30 people does not constitute 99% of anything. In fact, it seems you are the 1% !

    • biowrite says:

      No. People have a right to protest and to protect their private property (and their persons – a protester was raped in Glasgow). The people escorted off the premises were (to judge by what I overheard) trying to enter or damage a tent or tents. (The Occupy Edinburgh protesters have an excellent friendly relationship with Lothian and Borders Police, by the way.) I don’t understand your point about the numbers of tents occupied at 4 a.m. and I can’t answer your question because I don’t go invading people’s privacy, and why is this relevant anyway? Are you saying that the only way to support/be part of this movement is to sleep overnight in a tent? That’s ridiculous. Many people support the movement’s aims without being able to take part by sleeping over.

      Look into the huge economic injustice all around you and become one of us. Or do you really think we are living in an ideal society, that extreme inequality is good, that people need/deserve to earn millions of pounds a year and consume enormous quantities of non-renewable resources, and that everyone’s position on the socio-economic spectrum is entirely down to themselves and nothing at all to do with education, inherited wealth, etc? If we get even a few more people to become aware of any aspect of how grossly unfair the present set-up is then it will have been worthwhile. Please check all of the evidence I present in my blog post.

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