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Language-learning: the Swedish word for basket takes me on a fun journey!

I am learning Swedish at the moment, with the help of a native Swedish speaker (tack, Maribel) and material available on the internet, which I was directed to by a South African friend (dankie, Travis).  I recently encountered the Swedish … Continue reading

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James Herriot is back. Oh, no! Read this health warning.

I see the BBC is running a new series of James Herriot films.  Alas, another generation will doubtless succumb to the charming tales of this Yorkshire vet (real name James Alfred ‘Alf’ Wight) and decide that being a veterinarian is … Continue reading

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The USA and Iran – an interesting comparison!

The USA and Iran. One is an oppressive military regime with extreme socio-economic inequality, which arrests people for dancing, brutally suppresses peaceful protests and has just passed legislation moving it closer to a totalitarian state allowing its own citizens to … Continue reading

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Italy admits guilt. The full depleted uranium story will blow soon!

Italy has just admitted that the deaths of 98 of its service personnel were due to exposure to depleted uranium (DU).  (Former MSP Bill Wilson and myself campaigned to get the UK Ministry of Defence to take this issue seriously.  … Continue reading

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Happiness is just around the corner!

A friend just referred me to a great video on the subject of consumerism/materialism. It fits in beautifully with the work of the Equality Trust and Bruce K. Alexander, and it reminded me of a funny cartoon I came across … Continue reading

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PM Cameron stands up for UK’s right to continue slave trade

While I am no fan of the euro, agreeing with the prediction made by the then French Parti des Travailleurs in the 1990s that it would result in countries being forced to cut back on public services and to privatise, … Continue reading

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Leading charity endorses one of my books

NB Disruptive was updated and republished as Please Believe Me in February 2013! I am pleased to announce that NAPAC, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood is associating itself with Disruptive, the autobiography of Angela Bayley, which I helped her write … Continue reading

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Having trouble sleeping? This might help.

I chanced on these soothing YouTube videos by Danish YouTube sensation TheOneLilium.   The problem is they are so darned effective I tend to fall asleep with my computer on – not good for my electricity consumption!  I have transferred the … Continue reading

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Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow, a revolutionary read!

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships – reading this may just be one of the most life-enhancing things you ever do. A revolutionary read:  Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships by Marnia … Continue reading

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