Lay off RBS CEO Stephen Hester – such a reasonable guy!

Stephen Hester, RBS CEO

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He says: “I have given back my £1m bonus, so I have only £1.2m to live on this year, and I am really worth more than 2,000 times the 3 billion people who live on less than £600 a year. (Certainly worth 75 nurses!) We rich are motivated by the carrot of higher pay, but poor scum are best driven by the threat of starvation.

“It’s a hard job. I earn my dosh from firing people, making the poor pay to use ATMs and lending money (which I create at the click of a button) to the oil companies converting Canadian wilderness into polluted desert. I spend it on burning the products they extract, as I jet around the world consuming things.

“Why should I care about the poor, posterity and the survival of the planet? I’ll be dead in a few decades. Besides, compared to my fellow bankers, I earn a pittance…”

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