Guest post: Finding the Courage to Pursue Your Passions

Thanks to Heather Smith of Nanny.Net for this post!

Throughout our lives we’re told that we need to find our passions, and then we’re told that we need to fit into a certain mold. If your passions don’t jive with the stereotype of who the world thinks you should be they’re often frowned upon and even discouraged. However there’s more to life to fitting into the mold, and one of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to find the courage you need to pursue your passions.

  1. Find what thrills you
    Pursuing your passion is all about finding what it is that fulfills you the most in life. There are endless jobs out there that we can work day in and day out and yet still feel empty, and then there are those jobs far and few between where we leave every day feeling like we are in our true calling. Finding the one that thrills you is like finding a missing puzzle piece.
  1. Don’t let fear hold you back
    It’s easy to say that you want to start working towards something, but actually taking the necessary steps toward achieving that goal are a whole different story. Fear can be a crippling emotion, and often holds people back from reaching their full potential. Channel your fear and let it propel you forward instead of holding you back.
  1. Start small and dream big
    Once you’ve defined your dream it’s easy to think you need to jump head first into it. But starting small and slowly taking steps towards accomplishing it is a better approach because it allows you to get your feet wet and make sure that it truly is what you want to be pursuing. Your passions can evolve as you become more immersed in them. Always dream big – the bigger the better. Limiting your dreams is only limiting yourself.
  1. Don’t let others discourage you
    There will always be people who will try to discourage you along the way by telling you that you’ll never reach your goals or that your passion is dumb. These people are probably lacking in their own lives and trying to inflict their own personal pain on you – don’t let them discourage you! Just hold your head high and keep believing in yourself.
  1. Embrace failure
    Failure is an inevitable step along the way, and will probably happen more than once. That’s ok! It’s normal to fail and it is our failures that help us figure out what steps we need to take to reach our goals. When you can embrace failure wholeheartedly you become unstoppable.

Your passions are what define you. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching for the stars. It’s not an easy journey to embark on, but it’s the most rewarding.

Author Bio

Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to become a nanny by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada. She can be available at H.smith7295 [at]

About biowrite

I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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