Huge breakthrough in investigation of Gulf War Syndrome!

Diagram of shell with depleted uranium armour-penetrator.

Diagram of shell with depleted uranium (DU) armour-penetrator. When a DU weapon impacts, a significant portion of the uranium oxidises and forms minute particles. These particles can then be inhaled or digested. Once inside the human body, the alpha emissions can cause considerable damage, aside from the natural toxicity of uranium oxide.

It looks as if my recent prediction that the truth about depleted uranium would soon emerge may have been correct!  I have just been passed the very exciting news that after years of obstruction, denial and obfuscation an investigation is under way into the potential link between exposure to depleted uranium and “Gulf War Syndrome”.

Inappropriate assays and insufficient sample sizes and techniques have, in my opinion, been deliberately used to keep the door closed on the nasty effects of exposure to the toxic and radioactive heavy metal used in armour-piercing shells.   Given the Italian experience, the compensation awards that could result could be massive, so it’s no wonder the authorities would have been motivated to try to prevent investigation.  Now, at last, the door is opening and a proper analysis has begun.  I am reliably informed that samples have been collected from both Canadian and US service personnel.  Watch this space!

For background information on depleted uranium, see the many press releases on this subject issued by former MSP Bill Wilson and myself.

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