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For the latest on anti-RBS campaigns…

[UPDATE: This photograph has appeared in this excellent piece by journalist Ian Fraser.] …Please see the Occupy Free Radicals blog!

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BBC must allow the truth a voice: social mobility can only come from greater equality

BBC fails to invite relevant experts to discuss low social mobility I was pleased to hear the UK’s low social mobility discussed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, but annoyed that the people involved did not include either … Continue reading

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BBC’s Today programme attacks herbalism, promotes GM and contributes to the anti-science ‘new age of darkness’ it describes

I was shocked out of my morning dwalm by Today’s (BBC Radio4) crass  handling of a report that US scientists were warning of the end of the age of enlightenment and the arrival of a new age of darkness, in … Continue reading

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Letter to Scotsman: Get Scotmid to bank ethically and get RBS out of our schools!

[Update, 28 May 2012:  The Scotsman has failed to publish this letter.  I have sent it to the Herald.] Just sent this letter to the Scotsman.  It will be interesting to see if it is published! Scotmid (the Scottish Midland … Continue reading

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MoneyNonsense: RBS, out of our schools! You are not a fit and proper institution to teach children about money.

[Update on Monday 4 June 2012:  The RBS MoneySense reception in the Scottish Parliament has now taken place, but MSPs representing three political parties – Labour, the SNP and the Scottish Greens – have all expressed misgivings about RBS teaching … Continue reading

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Ongoing correspondence with NatCen re ‘Necessities of Life’ survey.

  Further to this email, I have received a reply.  Please find it below, followed by my response. Email from NatCen representative Dear Mr Swanepoel, Thank you for participating in the ‘Necessities of Life’ study. We are also grateful for … Continue reading

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I am a citizen, not a consumer.

If you are a market survey person and you have been referred to this page by someone you were surveying please go to the Credo.  Read it, think about it, tell your employers about it, try to find a more … Continue reading

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Scotmid and Co-operative Bank at loggerheads over rights of Canada’s First Nations people?

Here’s the next instalment in the campaign to get Scotmid to bank ethically.  In response to a letter I sent the Scotmid CEO I received this reply.  Here is my follow-up: Dear Mr Brodie Changing your bank Thank you for … Continue reading

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Scotmid to raise issue of ethics with RBS but campaign continues

I have just received this response to my letter to Scotmid pointing out the contradiction between their ethical policies and their choice of bank (RBS): Dear Dr Swanepoel Thank you for your letter of 4 May 2012. As I explained … Continue reading

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Scotmid’s hypocrisy: claiming to be ethical but banking with RBS!

I have just posted the following self-explanatory letter. If you like it please join the Facebook group: Also consider signing this petition! Mr John Brodie, Chief Executive Executive Office Scottish Midland Co-op Society Hillwood House 2 Harvest Drive NEWBRIDGE … Continue reading

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