Scotmid and Co-operative Bank at loggerheads over rights of Canada’s First Nations people?

The leader of the Beaver Lake Cree.

The Beaver Lake Cree are threatened by the exploitation of tar sands, which is partly funded by RBS, with whom Scotmid banks. The Co-operative Bank, however, funds the Beaver Lake Cree’s legal challenge to the tar sands exploitation. It seems that Scotmid is at loggerheads with The Co-operative Bank.

Here’s the next instalment in the campaign to get Scotmid to bank ethically.  In response to a letter I sent the Scotmid CEO I received this reply.  Here is my follow-up:

Dear Mr Brodie

Changing your bank

Thank you for your letter of 14 May in response to mine of 4 May. I must assume from the wording of your letter that you are tacitly admitting that ethics were not, in fact, discussed when you chose to bank with RBS. However, I am, of course, pleased that you will now be discussing the issue with RBS, and I would be grateful if you would keep me updated. You will see from the Move Your Money UK information that RBS’s abysmal Ethiscore (of 1.5 out of a possible 20) is due to multiple unethical investments, and so I expect that RBS will be reluctant to change their policies to any great extent. You will understand, therefore, that my conscience compels me to continue to campaign for you to move to a more ethical bank.

If you do not persuade RBS to reform and you choose to stay with this organisation, then I must assume that you will be challenging The Co-operative Bank to stop supporting the Beaver Lake Cree in their legal battle against the exploitation of the Alberta tar sands, as by maintaining your relationship with RBS you are, in effect, proclaiming your support for this environmentally disastrous and human rights-infringing exploitation opposed by the Co-operative Bank. The comments of The Co-operative Group Ltd. on such a scenario would be interesting.

Yours sincerely

Robert Eric Swanepoel (Dr), Member No. 187310

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