Scotmid to raise issue of ethics with RBS but campaign continues

Chief of the Beaver Lake Cree Al Lameman pictured with staff members of The Co-operative Bank.

Instead of banking with the relatively ethical Co-operative Bank, which is funding the legal battle of Canada’s First Nation people against the hugely environmentally destructive exploitation of tar sands, Scotmid chooses to bank with RBS, funding the exploitation! Click on the image to read more about this issue.

I have just received this response to my letter to Scotmid pointing out the contradiction between their ethical policies and their choice of bank (RBS):

Dear Dr Swanepoel

Thank you for your letter of 4 May 2012.

As I explained at the AGM the decision on our banking partner will take into account a range of business and other factors.

I am grateful for the extra information you have provided which I shall pass on to our Finance team to raise at the next regular meeting they have with RBS.

Yours sincerely

John R. Brodie
Chief Executive Officer

As there is no mention of ethics, I take this to be an admission that this “factor” was not mentioned in their deliberations on banking.  I shall send a brief response to this effect.   It would, of course, be wonderful if Scotmid had some influence on RBS’s policies.  That remains to be seen, but any pressure Scotmid exerts in this regard can surely only be strengthened if we continue to campaign on this issue, by petition and otherwise.  Please sign the petition at least, and tell your friends about it.

Many thanks!

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