Europe 2012 travelogue. Part 1: Edinburgh to Paris, 18 September.

Welcome to my wee travelogue! On 18 September I set out on my adventures.  I have taken many pictures on my travels but I have restricted myself to only five pictures in each episode.  It was extremely difficult selecting them, and other shots may be seen on Facebook, from the links provided at end of of each piece. My plan was to travel by train via Paris, Grenoble, Rome and Naples to Guardia Sanframondi (as a matter of principle I restrict myself to a maximum of one flying trip a year, to visit relatives in South Africa).  I only booked my journey there, and as I start this travelogue I am still in the enchanting little town in Campania, Italy, but more of that later…!  I shall probably be heading in a homewards direction on 29 September.

I was delighted to find that an artist acquaintance of mine was sharing the journey with me, at least as far as Newcastle. After a brief general chat on our current projects we found ourselves talking about finding one’s purpose in life, spirituality, etc. She said that she believed there was an increasing awareness of such things these days. This was a great start to my journey, which is, I think, a bit of a quest. It was also rather a coincidence, as my final destination was Clare Galloway’s Arthouse Guardia. Clare is, you will guess, also an artist, and one living out her ideals and values, in creative synergy with her community and environment.  Furthermore – would you believe it? – my artist friend knows Clare!

The base of a wonderful statue in St Pancras International station.

The base of a wonderful statue in St Pancras International station.

The journey to Kings Cross and the short walk to St Pancras International where I caught the Eurostar to Paris were uneventful. I had plenty of time to explore St Pancras. I was very impressed by it, especially by the enormous statue of a couple embracing, around the base of which were many further works.

The top of the amazing statue at St Pancras International.

The top of the amazing statue at St Pancras International.

Another great statue at St Pancras.

Another great statue at St Pancras. This one directs one’s attention towards the impressive roof.

A piano at St Pancras - anyone can play it!

A conversation strikes up, thanks to this piano. There are at least two at St Pancras which anyone is welcome to play. What a lovely idea!

*Click here to see more pictures of my journey from Edinburgh to Paris.*

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