Please, BBC, fair coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

R. Eric Swanepoel participating in 17 November protest against Israel's attack on Gaza.

Here I am taking part in a protest march in Edinburgh on 17 November against Israel’s attack on Gaza. The BBC appears to be acting as the propaganda wing of the Israeli government. (Thanks to Evie Murray for taking the photograph.)

I have just sent the following email to the BBC:

I just heard the 10 a.m. news on BBC Radio 4 and was shocked that a significant portion of it was given over to a statement from an Israeli spokesman, with no time given to a Palestinian spokesperson. Israel is an occupying power. It has systematically stolen the land from the Palestinians and humiliated and killed them with virtual impunity over decades. Gaza is effectively a concentration camp. It’s time you gave the situation balanced coverage. A good starting point would be giving airtime to relevant spokespeople in rough proportion to the casualties. Then we would have a far more accurate representation of the situation. If this does not happen the only possible conclusion is that the BBC is working for the Israeli government, and therefore against the long-term interests of all the people of that region.

The unfair bullfight.

Matador Israel vs Palestine/Gaza bull: Aren’t they aggressive? They try to fight back when we torture and kill them!

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