Visit to Guardia Sanframondi


A view of Guardia Sanframondi's centro storico

Guardia Sanframondi’s centro storico. Click to see a larger view.

I visited Clare Galloway’s Arthouse Guardia in Guardia Sanframondi, Campania, Italy, in September 2012. Clare, an artist originally from Scotland, envisages a community of artists, musicians, writers, gardeners, etc., living simple, sustainable and creative lives in harmony with the local population. Her move to GS was featured in an episode of House Hunters International, and the vision seems to be taking off.

Guardia Samframondi's centro storico viewed from the hill behind the town

Guardia Sanframondi’s centro storico viewed from the hill behind the town. Click on this to see it larger.

This video is largely a compilation of the photographs I took. At the end of the video I set what is happening in Guardia Sanframondi in context, talking of the need for an alternative to the predominant destructive economic system. Here’s an article which states that it is very difficult for artists and other creative people to succeed in expensive cities.

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Corrections and clarifications

  • Please ignore the reference to an FAQs page on Clare’s website.
  • Please ignore the reference to the gardens below the centro storico becoming available.
  • The stills from the episode of House Hunters International remain the intellectual property of HHI. I use them in the spirit of fair use and I am making no commercial gain from this video.

Further information

Other sites mentioned in the video

Grazie mille!

  • Clare Galloway, Mariapia Cutillo e gli abitanti di Guardia Sanframondi.
  • John Mitchell and Clare Lindley of Green for the track “A Baroque Daydream” from their 1997 “Found on the Wave” album, released on the Lochshore label (CDLDL 1267), copyright KRL. I hope you and KRL will not mind me using your lovely music for this non-commercial video. It deserves to be more widely known.
  • Eddie Gibbons,  for the gift of the camera used to make this video. A great poet and a great friend.
  • Eric Esnault (le patron du Vin des Alpes)   et Hélène Lassaux pour leur hospitalité chaleureuse en France en route vers GS.

Clare’s previous life!


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