Now it can be announced – a new project/website!

The Unofficial Guardia Sanframondi Guid

The Unofficial Guardia Sanframondi Guide – my latest project – is now up and running, though not yet complete. Click on the image to visit it.

At the end of August I travelled back to the beautiful Italian town of Guardia Sanframondi. If you saw the post relating to my previous visit you won’t be surprised.

By constructing a new website, I am now trying to help bring about the vision I discussed towards the end of the video embedded in that post. This website now sufficiently advanced (although a long way from finished) for me to make it public.  I have called it the Unofficial Guardia Sanframondi Guide.


About biowrite

I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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