Irish celebrity priest responds to Bowie re Scottish independence

Following David Bowie’s plea for Scotland to stay part of the UK, his words relayed by Kate Moss, Father Jack Hackett of ‘Father Ted’ fame has waded into the debate, coming out in favour of Scottish independence.

Father Jack recommends the following websites if you are interested in finding out more about what an independent Scotland could look like:

*The Official Yes Scotland site:
*The Radical Independence Campaign:
*Artists & Creatives for Scottish Independence:
*The Common Weal vision:
*An excellent online newspaper:
*The Government’s White Paper (setting out the SNP’s vision):…
*Some thoughts on the currency issue:…
*There are also lots of links in this interesting article: ‘The backlash against the mainstream in Scotland’.

Get informed and join the debate!

No infringement of copyright intended. All video clips copyright Channel Four:


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