Manchester Dogs’ Home fire should remind us what the UK is capable of and why we should vote Yes

Manchester Dogs' Home fire

The fire at the Manchester Dogs’ Home made me think about the UK and what it stands for…

A caring lot?

The fire at the Manchester Dogs’ Home is receiving significant coverage at the moment. The million pounds donated to date would seem to suggest that the great British public are a caring lot. However, the vast amount of money donated in such a short time contrasts with the response to some human tragedies and perhaps also reflects the fact that many find it easier to empathise with animals than with people? I heard the men who rescued some of the dogs interviewed on the radio this morning. They seemed to imply that animals were more deserving of help because they were less capable than people of helping themselves. Well, that depends on circumstances, surely?

Direct and indirect killing of children

…And I think of the children of Gaza, murdered in their hundreds by what remains the UK’s great ally, Israel.  I think of the children of Iraq and Afghanistan, killed by UK and US bombs, shells and drones –  acceptable collateral damage? I also think of the children of the poor in the extremely unequal UK, doomed to lead significantly shorter and less healthy lives than their rich counterparts.

Remember Diego Garcia

My first thought, however, is of what the UK did to the people and dogs of Diego Garcia, an island cleared of its inhabitants so that the USA could establish a military base.  Here’s how John Pilger describes a particularly nasty tactic used by the UK and its ally:

At first, the islanders were tricked and intimidated into leaving; those who had gone to Mauritius for urgent medical treatment were prevented from returning. As the Americans began to arrive and build the base, Sir Bruce Greatbatch, the governor of the Seychelles, who had been put in charge of the “sanitizing,” ordered all the pet dogs on Diego Garcia to be killed. Almost 1,000 pets were rounded up and gassed, using the exhaust fumes from American military vehicles. “They put the dogs in a furnace where the people worked,” says Lizette Tallatte, now in her 60s,” … and when their dogs were taken away in front of them, our children screamed and cried.”

Lying about Scottish independence is nothing…

How much evidence does it take for people to realise that the UK-US military-industrial complex is an utterly ruthless machine, prepared to use anything to boost the profits of the businesses it serves? This entity kills almost casually, and with impunity, and has done for centuries. Little wonder they are in overdrive with their scare stories about Scottish independence. They are desperate to hold onto their oil and their profits, their nuclear weapons, power and “status” (strutting bully-boy supremos).

David Cameron, former Bullingdon Boy.

It’s time for us to escape the out-of-touch Bullingdon Boys who run the UK.

Unique opportunity

We, the people, of Scotland, must use our wonderful opportunity to peacefully leave the UK, an opportunity afforded us because of the sheer arrogance of the out-of-touch plutocrats running the UK, who never thought we would have the courage and integrity to break free.

I, for one, consider it my moral duty to vote for Scottish independence.

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