Big money won it for No, but the moral victory is ours. #indyref

Indyref postcard

Her spirit shall live on

The side that spends the most…

With hindsight, we should have realised what was going to happen. All the evidence shows that in political campaigns the side that spends the most money wins (as Dr Rosslyn Fuller says).

David against an army of Goliaths

In the case of the Scottish independence referendum the No side (Project Fear) not only had significantly more direct funding (from its wealthy donors), but it also had virtually the entire neoliberal establishment behind it – practically all the mainstream media (with the honourable, if late, exception of the Sunday Herald), most of the super-rich, the majority of multinational companies, and the British state (= the US-UK military-industrial complex). Their input would have been valued at billions of pounds had it been paid-for advertising. There was therefore a difference in effective spending between the No campaign and the Yes campaign of not one but several orders of magnitude – a battle not so much between David and Goliath, but between David and an army of Goliaths.

Indyref postcard2

The struggle for equality and liberty is a long way from over.

Joie de vivre

Given the thickness of the resultant propaganda-cocoon that swaddled most of the population, the Yessers can take enormous pride in the very significant section of the population they managed to reach. This was due to the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of unpaid activists, their idealism, optimism, humour, creativity, camaraderie (old hatchets buried) and sheer joie de vivre. To do as well as we did amounts to an overwhelming moral victory.

The thousand butterflies

Let the thousand butterflies not be broken on the wheel of neoliberal ruthlessness, or driven by this death-cult into greed, callousness, apathy, fear and ignorance, as many No-voters undoubtedly were. (I may discuss the many ways the No camp’s strategy worked in another short essay, although Noam Chomsky has already said much that is relevant.) We can only hope that the accuracy of our interpretation of the British state will become obvious soon, and that there will be fertile ground for us, ground that can no longer be confiscated by the plutocracy, but which a peaceful revolution (that will blossom in ways we can not yet imagine, and of which the outcome will not be dependent on finance), will claim.

Our day will come

Stay strong, comrades. It has been an honour and a pleasure working alongside and getting to know so many of you. Our day will surely come.

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