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Brexit will only count if everybody leaves the EU

Originally posted on Systemic Disorder:
Britain can leave the European Union, but it would remain just as tied to capitalist markets as before. The decision to leave the EU is not a decision to leave the world capitalist system, or…

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Yes, the Leave vote is hostile to foreigners – and you need to come to terms with that

Originally posted on YllaCaspia:
Here’s what the Brexit vote means to me: 52% of the people I share a nationality with think there should be fewer people like me in Britain’s future. And before you object, or make excuses, let…

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What Jeremy Corbyn must say to the Labour Party establishment

‘You claim you wanted strong leadership. I give it to you. ‘I have an overwhelming mandate from members to lead this party, and I am using it now. Purging Blairites ‘I am purging all Blairites from the party. Resign or … Continue reading

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Reeling from the EU referendum, especially this…

Sadness, anger, bewilderment I am not yet sure what my settled feeling about the EU referendum results will be, but sadness, anger and bewilderment certainly feature at the moment. Understandable discontent If I believed that Leave supporters had voted on the … Continue reading

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We are angry.

Scroll down the page… Explanation: Every Scottish local authority area voted to stay in the EU (and Scots as a whole voted 62:38 to stay in), but the English anti-EU vote, which seems to have been fuelled largely by xenophobia … Continue reading

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An open letter to a boy I once snogged following Brexit

Originally posted on sally fraser:
Dear Paul, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you, although I appreciate this might seem weird. I thought about writing to you last night, after I saw on your Facebook that you were…

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Germans’ Brexit Fears

On the same day one German resident in Scotland wrote to Bella Caledonia to outline her concerns about a possible Brexit, another (a friend of mine) was campaigning in Edinburgh’s Meadows for a ‘remain’ vote. Vruvru’s cartoon and signs speak … Continue reading

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