Responsible politicians: trade barriers against climate-criminal Trump are your duty


Pulling the USA out of the Paris climate agreement would be ecocidal criminality on an unprecedented scale. I am calling on my political representatives to deter such monumental folly.

[UPDATE: Since writing to my representatives I discovered this Avaaz petition, which I have signed.]

I have just emailed my MP as below, asking her to do what she can to deter president-elect Trump from pulling the USA out of the Paris climate agreement. (I used the heading ‘No trade deal with climate-criminal Trump’.

I am copying it to the MSPs and councillors who represent me, asking them also to take appropriate action at the Scottish and local authority levels.

If you agree with what I say, feel free to use my email as the basis for similar messages sent by yourself. You can find your MP on TheyWorkForYou and your MSP on the Scottish Parliament website.

Dear Ms_

You will know that the overwhelming majority of climate scientists accept man-made climate change as a reality. You will also be aware that climate change has already had serious effects on the biosphere, increasing the incidence and severity of extreme weather events and contributing to the so-called ‘refugee/migrant crisis’. Indeed, the Pentagon believes that ‘climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages’. Many scientists fear that the tipping point is dangerously close, with mass extinction looming.


I joined thousands of other protesters at the COP21 event in Paris.

These considerations motivated me to join thousands of other protesters at the Paris COP21 event. While we were disappointed with the relatively weak outcome, it was vastly better than nothing. If the USA is taken out of the agreement, as threatened by Donald Trump, this would be an unprecedented and monumental act of ecocidal criminality, given the USA’s dominance as an economic power and significance as a contributor to climate change. It is therefore surely every responsible global citizen’s duty to do what he or she reasonably can to deter such an act.

Accordingly, I am asking you to raise at Westminster the issue of potential trade barriers/sanctions or selective boycott against the USA. Theresa May should receive a clear message that any maintained (far less enhanced) trading relationship with the USA should be contingent on that country sticking to the Paris agreement, and she must signal this to Trump. I leave it up to you how best this might be done, whether by parliamentary questions, an Early Day Motion or a mention in speeches, but I trust that you would consider yourself to be a responsible global citizen and will therefore take some action along these lines.

I thank you for considering this and look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

R.Eric Swanepoel, Dr

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