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There’s no such thing as sustainable palm oil. Cut it out of your diet, yes, but there’s more to be done.

Update 3 (afternoon, 24 April 2021): I still don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘sustainable’ palm oil If you search ‘palm oil you’ll find a plethora of articles arguing that boycotting palm oil is bad and that we should … Continue reading

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Ratner’s legacy business (Signet Group: H. Samuel/Ernest Jones): crap at recycling!

‘Total crap’ Gerald Ratner became notorious when he described one of his jewellery chain’s products as ‘total crap’, and unfavourably compared another to a prawn sandwich, after which the Ratner Group went into meltdown, slipped from his control, and was rebranded … Continue reading

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Some energy(carbon)-saving ideas…

Here is an idea I came up with recently, inspired by the recently launched Croft Carbon College project, operated by Leith Community Crops in Pots and supported by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, which got me thinking about such things. … Continue reading

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Kill the ‘natural capital’ approach before it kills us.

[Update, April 2021: This Russell Brand/Vandana Shiva video is relevant to the natural capital debate as well as the topic of restorative climate justice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmEc7_jV3j0 ] [Update, January 2021: An employee of Ethical Consumer informed me of this excellent summary … Continue reading

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Responsible politicians: trade barriers against climate-criminal Trump are your duty

[UPDATE: Since writing to my representatives I discovered this Avaaz petition, which I have signed.] I have just emailed my MP as below, asking her to do what she can to deter president-elect Trump from pulling the USA out of … Continue reading

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BBC ignores climate-change elephant, focuses on trivia

Listening to today’s edition of World at One on BBC Radio 4, I was pleased to hear that Ed Miliband had,  in the course of Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), raised the issue of Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and … Continue reading

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Become a ‘possibilitarian’ for a better world with the Random Idea Generator!

Contents • Background (Skip this if you’re impatient or short of time!) • How to use the Random Idea Generator • Ideas for taking this further – I need your help! Background Crisis – what to do? I believe that … Continue reading

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Climate Change Event at Scottish Parliament

For your enjoyment here are some pictures I took today at the Scottish Climate Change Rally outside the Scottish Parliament. People had the opportunity of decorating their own dolls.  Mine, pictured above, advocated eating less meat, and switching to an … Continue reading

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