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Please do whatever you can to defend the human rights of Palestinians (letter to my MP)

Dear Ms Cherry I struggle to express how upset I am at the horrific ongoing events in Israel-Palestine. I was born in Scotland but grew up in erstwhile white-majority-rule Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and apartheid South Africa, and am aware of … Continue reading

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Ratner’s legacy business (Signet Group: H. Samuel/Ernest Jones): crap at recycling!

‘Total crap’ Gerald Ratner became notorious when he described one of his jewellery chain’s products as ‘total crap’, and unfavourably compared another to a prawn sandwich, after which the Ratner Group went into meltdown, slipped from his control, and was rebranded … Continue reading

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Useful and free things in skips – where and what?

Many useful things are dumped in skips and end up in landfill. This is bad for the environment and puts people to needless expense. (This Guardian article might be of interest.) I have set up a Facebook group to enable … Continue reading

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Climate Change Event at Scottish Parliament

For your enjoyment here are some pictures I took today at the Scottish Climate Change Rally outside the Scottish Parliament. People had the opportunity of decorating their own dolls.  Mine, pictured above, advocated eating less meat, and switching to an … Continue reading

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