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Announcing another project (funny!), and a promise regarding an older one…

I have decided to supplement my rather serious attacks on the powers-that-be with some humorous broadsides. I have set up a new website: Corporate Clanger’s. (The apostrophe is intentional, as you will understand when you visit the site. This page … Continue reading

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Now it can be announced – a new project/website!

At the end of August I travelled back to the beautiful Italian town of Guardia Sanframondi. If you saw the post relating to my previous visit you won’t be surprised. By constructing a new website, I am now trying to help … Continue reading

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Visit to Guardia Sanframondi

Introduction I visited Clare Galloway’s Arthouse Guardia in Guardia Sanframondi, Campania, Italy, in September 2012. Clare, an artist originally from Scotland, envisages a community of artists, musicians, writers, gardeners, etc., living simple, sustainable and creative lives in harmony with the local population. … Continue reading

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Dreich, dour and crabbit: does the weather explain Scottish negativity? Climate, posture, mood, empathy, mirror neurons, meditation and education.

This essay was born in meditation One of my New Year’s resolutions was to meditate daily. I simply concentrate on my breathing. Thoughts pop up, and I observe them and let them go. (Here’s an inspiring talk on meditation.   Below … Continue reading

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