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BBC ignores climate-change elephant, focuses on trivia

Listening to today’s edition of World at One on BBC Radio 4, I was pleased to hear that Ed Miliband had,  in the course of Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), raised the issue of Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and … Continue reading

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GM, communication issues, a good Tory, and the evils of hyper-specialisation.

Yesterday evening two of the topics that have repeatedly cropped up in this blog merged in my life: communication issues and GM technology. Responsible for killing millions of children! Introduced to what at first seemed to be a pleasant young … Continue reading

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Environment Secretary in the pocket of Monsanto et al?

[UPDATE:  I have just received this disappointing response.  Interesting that he has been meeting the Wildlife Trust and the Soil Association, who have clearly failed to have much impact on him!]   Having being sickened by Owen Paterson’s cheerleading for … Continue reading

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