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Crash in SNP vote triggers seismic shift in Scottish politics.

In the wake of the collapse in the SNP’s vote in the Scottish parliamentary elections, an outcome that has left shocked psephologists struggling to explain how they got it so wrong – again – a seismic shift is under way in Scottish politics. Continue reading

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Dear SNP Candidate, please give me a reason to vote for you.

Below you will find the text of an email I am sending to my local SNP constituency candidate. Should you share my concerns, feel free to use it as a model for a letter/email to your own SNP candidate. (The … Continue reading

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Thank you, SNP. Now here’s our vision…

Thank you, but… Thank you for bringing us this far, SNP. Thank you for bringing us to the point at which the people of Scotland can decide their own destiny for the first time in centuries. Thank you for your … Continue reading

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MSP helps reveal dodgy investments of Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme: Monsanto, tobacco, oil, rotten banks, unethical mining companies…

Many thanks to my MSP, Marco Biagi (of the SNP), who has obtained, on my behalf, the details of the Scottish Parliament’s pension scheme for MSPs. It makes disturbing reading, with some of the investments seeming to run counter to … Continue reading

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MoneyNonsense: RBS, out of our schools! You are not a fit and proper institution to teach children about money.

[Update on Monday 4 June 2012:  The RBS MoneySense reception in the Scottish Parliament has now taken place, but MSPs representing three political parties – Labour, the SNP and the Scottish Greens – have all expressed misgivings about RBS teaching … Continue reading

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Alternatives to GDP suggested by Sarkozy – hooray!

I am not generally a fan of Sarkozy, but he has it absolutely right when it comes to the inadequacies of GDP.  Vive la France!  Nathaniel, the protagonist of the novel I largely wrote when I lived in Paris, would … Continue reading

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More peace’n’love in Scottish Parliament: shock Mills & Boon find suggests cuddly side to hardened spin-doctors

Blog-readers will be aware of this amusing exchange with a Tory researcher and councillor.  Continuing the theme of peace and love… I work part-time in the Scottish Parliament and just went down to the SNP kitchen immediately adjoining the SNP … Continue reading

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