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What Jeremy Corbyn must say to the Labour Party establishment

‘You claim you wanted strong leadership. I give it to you. ‘I have an overwhelming mandate from members to lead this party, and I am using it now. Purging Blairites ‘I am purging all Blairites from the party. Resign or … Continue reading

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Protected: Biosphere, not econosphere. Towards a ‘galvanising alternative philosophy’.

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No-voters, read ‘1984’ as you smugly sip your Victory Gin and, Big Brother, we are watching you. #IndyRef

Saddened I am saddened by the No-victory in the Scottish independence referendum. For many years I have been campaigning for a fairer society and world, trying to shake people from their states of complacency, obliviousness, apathy or hopelessness, and to … Continue reading

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Big money won it for No, but the moral victory is ours. #indyref

The side that spends the most… With hindsight, we should have realised what was going to happen. All the evidence shows that in political campaigns the side that spends the most money wins (as Dr Rosslyn Fuller says). David against … Continue reading

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Economic inequality is caused by… Get the facts. Reject the propaganda.

Economic inequality is caused by “free-market” (rigged-market) capitalism, not immigrants, asylum-seekers, “benefits-scroungers”, etc. Get the facts. Reject the propaganda. Here’s a handy compilation of resources. I hope you will find it entertaining and informative, if not jaw-droppingly shocking. My novel may … Continue reading

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GM, communication issues, a good Tory, and the evils of hyper-specialisation.

Yesterday evening two of the topics that have repeatedly cropped up in this blog merged in my life: communication issues and GM technology. Responsible for killing millions of children! Introduced to what at first seemed to be a pleasant young … Continue reading

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‘Boiled frog’ relationships – are you in one?

UPDATE 9 November 2017. I just came across this interesting article on gaslighting:  50 Shades Of Gaslighting: Disturbing Signs An Abuser Is Twisting Your Reality UPDATE 22 February 2017. This article is one of the most popular I have written … Continue reading

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