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GM: a red herring, a straw doll and the elephant in the room

UPDATE, November 2017. Here’s an article on how Monsanto operates, published in :  ‘How Monsanto Captured the EPA (And Twisted Science) To Keep Glyphosate on the Market’ I just sent the letter below to the BBC’s DG. It’s self-explanatory. Lord … Continue reading

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Pro-GM = anti-science.

It’s time to call the pro-GM lobby out: you are unqualified to talk about impacts on health and the environment. You are corporate shills. Continue reading

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Unbelievably, yet more BBC pro-GM bias

[UPDATE: I have now received a response from the BBC dismissing my argument that the programme was biased but failing to answer my charge that Radio 4 programming as a whole is biased in favour of GM.  I have responded … Continue reading

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GM, communication issues, a good Tory, and the evils of hyper-specialisation.

Yesterday evening two of the topics that have repeatedly cropped up in this blog merged in my life: communication issues and GM technology. Responsible for killing millions of children! Introduced to what at first seemed to be a pleasant young … Continue reading

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MSP helps reveal dodgy investments of Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme: Monsanto, tobacco, oil, rotten banks, unethical mining companies…

Many thanks to my MSP, Marco Biagi (of the SNP), who has obtained, on my behalf, the details of the Scottish Parliament’s pension scheme for MSPs. It makes disturbing reading, with some of the investments seeming to run counter to … Continue reading

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Environment Secretary in the pocket of Monsanto et al?

[UPDATE:  I have just received this disappointing response.  Interesting that he has been meeting the Wildlife Trust and the Soil Association, who have clearly failed to have much impact on him!]   Having being sickened by Owen Paterson’s cheerleading for … Continue reading

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The ongoing GM saga: UK supermarkets going GM!

Readers of my blog will be familiar with my attitude to GM (genetically modified) crops: A powerful documentary on GM food – please watch! Once again BBC Radio 4 champions GM BBC’s Today programme attacks herbalism, promotes GM and contributes to the … Continue reading

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