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Thank you, SNP. Now here’s our vision…

Thank you, but… Thank you for bringing us this far, SNP. Thank you for bringing us to the point at which the people of Scotland can decide their own destiny for the first time in centuries. Thank you for your … Continue reading

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If you don’t like the concept of ‘separation’ you should support Scottish independence.

It seems ludicrous that people are put off Scottish independence because they don’t like the idea of ‘separation’. There is nothing more divisive than neoliberalism, to which all the major UK parties subscribe, and which fosters inequality, division and hatred. … Continue reading

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The Scottish independence referendum is not a question of change vs no change!

I am irritated by the presentation of the referendum on Scottish independence as a choice between the status quo (stability) and change. In fact, staying in the neoliberal UK means ongoing change for the worse. Inspired by my attendance of … Continue reading

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Health policy in an independent Scotland: tackling inequality is key.

On 11 November 2013 I attended a meeting of the Edinburgh branch of the Radical Independence Campaign, addressed by Dr Kate Wrigley. Not just poverty but inequality explains Scotland’s poor health Dr Wrigley got us to come up with a … Continue reading

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Announcing another project (funny!), and a promise regarding an older one…

I have decided to supplement my rather serious attacks on the powers-that-be with some humorous broadsides. I have set up a new website: Corporate Clanger’s. (The apostrophe is intentional, as you will understand when you visit the site. This page … Continue reading

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