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Lay off RBS CEO Stephen Hester – such a reasonable guy!

He says: “I have given back my £1m bonus, so I have only £1.2m to live on this year, and I am really worth more than 2,000 times the 3 billion people who live on less than £600 a year. … Continue reading

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Funny new campaign targets RBS

[UPDATE:  Since posting this I have been anonymously emailed a small and a large version of the relevant image. I cannot advocate what is possibly an illegal activity, but then neither can I stop you printing these out and sticking … Continue reading

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Wondrous flitting – Occupy evolves!

I previously suggested a coherent coordinated strategy to unite Occupy Edinburgh and effect real change. Since then events have led me to believe that it is unlikely that people will be persuaded to do as I suggested. However, there is … Continue reading

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Are your children addicted to Internet pornography?

  [Update. August 2014. Gary Wilson’s new book on pornography addiction is now out! See the cover to the left.]   Today I heard a troubling discussion of the phenomenon of Internet pornography addiction amongst youngsters. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this … Continue reading

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The elephant in St Andrew’s Square: towards a new strategy for Occupy.

A few days ago I presented some ideas at a meeting of Occupy Edinburgh. I re-present them here so that they might receive a wider audience. Please excuse my bad drawing and penmanship! Fundamental questions Fundamental questions are: What is … Continue reading

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BBC allows supporter of butcher Pinochet to express views unchallenged

[This is No.1 in a series of blog posts on Paul Johnson’s statement on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs that he admired Chilean mass-murderer General August Pinochet because he ‘prevented civil war’. You may read the others here: No.5, … Continue reading

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Home: Circles and Cycles

Introduction I presented these at Stills Democratic Camera Club on Thursday 12 January 2012.  All the pictures in this collection were taken in the course of short circular walks from my home. Each picture has some relevance to the sub-theme … Continue reading

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