Exciting days and a most remarkable woman

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please read this before reading anything below and then go here. The book is now titled Disruptive and will be published by Synchrony Books. John Blake is not publishing the book!]

My next book, the autobiography I helped Angela Bailey write, Please Don’t Hurt Me, is due out in April. In the last week the PR company commissioned by the publishers, John Blake, has been in touch to finalise details of the publicity campaign.  As well as complimenting Angela on her amazing story they requested our comments on the proofs of the publicity flyer and they asked for some photographs of Angela.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege getting to know Angela and helping her write her story.  We are both confident that it will help many, many people affected by the issues it deals with (emotional, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, depression).  Despite the horrific nature of the abuse Angela experienced, we feel sure that people will find Please Don’t Hurt Me an uplifting book.

We are particularly delighted that Angela’s former consultant psychiatrist  was so impressed by the book that he offered to pen the last chapter.  It’s a simple, moving and powerful discourse on the nature of the parent-child relationship and the damage that can be done when it goes wrong.

Best wishes


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BioWrite website

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I am a writer specialising in non-fiction, particularly in assisting people with their biographies.
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2 Responses to Exciting days and a most remarkable woman

  1. Jaime Dugan says:

    I enjoyed your post. Just wanted anyone reading this that is struggling to check out this ministry:


    Mercy Ministries is a non-profit residential counseling program that exists to transform the lives of young women between the ages of 13-28 who face life-controlling issues. The program is free of charge, which is pretty amazing. I want to spread the awareness about Mercy because these problems are all too real in today’s society!

    Take Care!

    • biowrite says:

      Thanks, Jaime. It looks good for those in the USA looking for a Christian approach. Your comment has reminded me to put up a link to the Survivor Scotland website for those of all faiths and none seeking help in the UK. Although it’s called Survivor Scotland it has links to resources throughout the UK. Extracts from the site are included in an Appendix of Angela’s book.

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